MOCA 2024 | September, 13-15 2024

Call for Papers closes July 5, 2024



Okay, thirty years is quite a while, but when you've been around that long, you gotta start thinking about what's coming next.


The motto of this edition of MOCA is "Back to the r00t": not just a simple return to the past, but an opportunity to talk about hacker culture 20 years after the first MOCA and with a world that has changed radically.


In recent decades, it has been thought that "the end of history" had arrived, "the scene is dead", and that the need for physical moments in the real world had also been exhausted... but as the wise Morpheus said in The Matrix: "Destiny, as we know, is not without a sense of irony."


We are glad that "hacking" is now a mainstream term, no longer used with negative connotations and confined to stereotypes, but this has led to abuse, to believing that cybersecurity alone is hacking or, conversely, that it is only an identity, a style, a cultural fetish.


However, there is a cornerstone: hacking cannot be such if separated from the machine, even if it will not necessarily be a computer, not necessarily physical, and this opens us up to a multiplicity of definitions of hacking, all characterized, certainly, by curiosity.


This era more than ever needs curiosity, knowing how to ask questions (well) and trying to provide answers. Basic sciences, engineering, linguistics, and philosophy now coexist in the same cybernetic world more than one might think, and it is difficult to understand how incredibly rare this encounter is in history.


This MOCA2024 wants to be the place where we put things back in order, present projects, ideas, vulnerabilities, questions, reflections to, together, contribute, as hacker culture has always done, to the material and intellectual progress of society.


What can be presented?

Anything related to computer science and beyond, with a hacker flavor, is always welcome, but we like contamination, so if you identify with what is written above, do not hesitate to send your work, whether it's new content for ultra-technical people or an introduction to something new.


We are committed to creating an inclusive and diversified environment because we believe that only through the fusion of ideas from different worlds and viewpoints can we truly make this occasion collective.

So, if you feel you can contribute, we invite you to share your contribution with others. Our community is open to all, because we believe that true beauty lies in diversity.


As an example:
- Reverse Engineering (hardware, software, protocols, ...)
- Security, Vulnerabilities
- Privacy, Anonymity, Digital Rights
- Malware Analysis
- Cryptography
- Biohacking
- Food Hacking
- Data Recovery, Forensics and Incident Response
- Smartphone/Mobile (in)Security
- Enterprise/Architecture
- Open Innovation
- GameDev
- Maths, Physics, and Sciences…
- AI and ML
- Algorithms
- Big Data
- Cloud Infrastructure and Security
- Automotive Solutions
- Arduino, DIY


How to propose a talk:
Send an email to [email protected]

With the following information:
- Your name or nickname;
- Your website or your social networks, if any
- Short biography (who you are and previous talk experiences) <150 words
- Abstract <250 words
- Description <500 words
- Format: 21 minutes, 42 minutes, or let's discuss if you need more time
- Type: informative, specialized, sectoral, etc.
- Additional material describing your contribution in detail (for example, slides, papers, or proof of concept) if available
- Why do you want to present your talk at Metro Olografix CAmp
- Tell us if your work is new (never presented before); otherwise, specify where you have previously presented it
- Where do you plan to travel from if the talk is accepted.
- Is it an Anonymous talk? (no video/photo/stream)
- Write to us what you need, bearing in mind that:

- Connectivity (wifi, ethernet)
- Projector
- Audio system
- Tables and chairs
are already part of the basic setup!


+++The deadline for participation requests is
July 5 at 23:59 CET +++


July 12: the selected speakers to participate in MOCA2024 will be contacted at the email address from which they sent the request and must confirm their participation by the end of July 14, to allow us to replace them in case they are no longer available to participate.


July 26: deadline for delivering final abstracts and biographies.


August 23: delivery of the final talk slides.


...and then we'll see you for MOCA2024!