METRO OLOGRAFIX with its three decades of activity, is the first and longest-standing telematics association in Italy.

It is a community dedicated to promoting a telematics culture as true as possible to that of the pioneers of BBS, strongly believing in the free circulation of information and sharing knowledge with others. This sharing extends beyond the association’s borders, transforming into courses, conferences, and events.

Metro Olografix focuses on all topics related to the use of technology, particularly:

 - Hacking culture

 - Cybersecurity

 - Open source

 - Digital rights


MOCA (Metro Olografix CAmp) is Italy’s first and largest hacker camp and one of the most anticipated and attended events by the Italian and European hacker communities.

It caters to all hacking and IT enthusiasts, like all Metro Olografix events and initiatives.

With over 2500 participants, including cybersecurity experts, system administrators, developers, and researchers of all kinds and ages, both veterans and newcomers, it is also an ideal free space for passionate thinkers and curious minds. It’s a physical place to share ideas and create new ones, where experiences and projects can become a collective heritage and ultimately contribute to the intellectual progress of society.


The MOCA has successfully taken place every four years since 2004, with an exception in 2020 due to the pandemic. Each edition spans three days, allowing participants to camp and have ample time to share, experiment, network, and get to know each other.


LOADING MOCA is a new Metro Olografix initiative to prepare the community for MOCA2024, promote it, and create excitement around the event.

Starting in October 2023, Loading MOCA involves organizing monthly micro-events, free and itinerant in selected locations, structured as "aperitech" — technological aperitifs. After office hours, people gather for an approximately hour-long talk by one of our members, followed by an aperitif, providing a relaxed setting to delve deeper into the topics discussed.

These events will be promoted on all the association's social channels and streamed live. Event recordings will be available on the website, enriching the MOCA2024 portal.


MOCA 2024 not only brings back an event eagerly awaited for 8 years but also celebrates the 30th anniversary of Metro Olografix (founded in 1994) and the 20th anniversary of MOCA (first held in 2004).

For the occasion, MOCA leaves the historic venue of the former “Di Cocco” barracks in Pescara and prepares to celebrate in a new, equipped, and organized location, a necessary change due to the times and the greater attention to themes that were confined to a niche 20 years ago.

MOCA2024 will be held at the scenic International Camping, adjacent to the famous Torre di Cerrano in Pineto (TE) and the sea. This event aims to set a new standard for Italian hacker camps, gathering enthusiasts from across Europe to share and imagine the future together.

Updates, information, talk schedules, and all activities during MOCA2024, as well as ticket purchases, will be communicated through Metro Olografix’s social channels and the event website



L'International Camping of Pineto(TE) >will be the backdrop for this extraordinary event, offering guests the option to camp in designated tent spaces or book a bungalow. Spread over 15,000 sqm of grassy, shaded terrain, the camping site is adjacent to the beach and offers various facilities.

There will be:

 - A spacious Sponsor area

 - A Community area

 - A Hackspace

 - 2 Stages for talks

 - Kids Area

 - Bar and Restaurant

in addition to reception, tent spaces, bungalows, and bathrooms.




Bronze Plan€ 3,000

 - Logo on all communications

 - 2 included tickets


Silver Plan€ 5,000

 - Logo on all communications

 - Reserved technical talk during MOCA

 - Banner in the Talk area

 - 4 included tickets


Gold Plan€ 10,000

 - Logo on all communications

 - Reserved technical talk during MOCA

 - Banner in the Talk area

 - Reserved booth in the Sponsor area

 - 6 included tickets


Custom Plan

The plans we’ve designed don’t suit you?

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We’ll tailor a solution that fits your and our needs.


The sponsor authorizes the use of their name and logo for sponsorship purposes unless otherwise agreed.

The organization reserves the right to accept or reject sponsorship requests at its sole discretion.




Join us in shaping the future of technology and hacking.

Supporting MOCA2024 is a unique opportunity to position your company at the center of this technological revolution.

Contact us today to become an integral part of this extraordinary event!

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