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An exceptional series of aperitifs, one per month until MOCA2024 👾

The formula is easy and successful, just two simple ingredients:

1) Brilliant speakers 🧠

2) Aperitifs worthy of our region 🥘🍷


Participation is always free of charge and if you have missed any, there are recordings.

Stefano "antelox" Antenucci & Riccardo "reecdeep" Di Pietro

14 May 2024 - Guests of the Expo Security - Cyber Security Forum, Stefano ‘antelox’ Antenucci and Riccardo ‘reecdeep’ Di Pietro talk about Cyber Threat Intelligence

Andrea ‘Caliban’ Monti

24 April 2024 - Andrea ‘Caliban’ Monti's talk entitled ‘The illusion of digital rights’ will be held at the Council Hall of the Municipality of Pescara, which we thank for its patronage.

Emiliano 'Dr.Brown' Bruni

29 March 2024 - As a guest of Micso in Pescara, Emiliano ‘Dr.Brown’ Bruni will keep us company with a talk entitled ‘DIY AED Simulator, shocks of creativity that enliven the heart!’

Francesco 'sugo' Politi

23 February 2024 - Hosted by Netsons in Pescara, Francesco ‘sugo’ Politi talked to us about the Internet with the talk ‘Back to the route!’

Simone 'negator' Onofri

26 January 2024 - Hosted by 42 in Rome, Simone Onofri spoke to us about ‘Attacking Ethereum Smart Contracts: Auditing 101’.

Lorenzo 'lopoc' Cococcia & Michelangelo 'pinguin0' Morrillo

22 December 2023 - Guests of BearIT in Pescara, Lorenzo ‘lopoc’ Cococcia and Michelangelo ‘pinguin0’ Morrillo kept us company with a talk entitled ‘Hidden in the cloud? Even there, You Can't Cheat Time’.

Valerio 'ftp21' Mancini

27 October 2023 - Hosted by Netsons in Pescara, Valerio ‘ftp21’ Mancini spoke to us about ‘Flash, Nand and other horrible storage’.