Massimo Politi was a hacker in the truest sense of the word: he had a visceral love for taking things apart. 

While his wife Milly looked on somewhat disheartened and his son Francesco initially remained indifferent, he loved bringing home all sorts of things: monitors, scanners, televisions.

To him, it was an irresistible fascination. 

Even though they were “dead” objects, he believed each had a story to tell. He loved gifting unique artworks made solely from electronic components. 

One fine day, the home phone rang and Milly heard on the other end: “Uh… hello, I’m Batman. Is manray there?” 

Massimo had become a member of Metro Olografix, thanks to his friendship with the “scout” soul of the association (Stefano Lista) and his lifelong friend Umberto ‘Upaz’ Pazienza.

The call of hacking: the desire to share a passion that captivates you, fills you with enthusiasm, and makes you happy. 

Within the association, being a bank official, he was soon enlisted as treasurer. 

It was only after a few years that his son (sugo) and his nephew (blended) also became members, diving into a world that still shapes their lives today.



last manray: Fri Aug 14 2020 


“A hacker does for love what others would not do for money”

Manray Manray in the historic Metro Olografix headquarters on Via Nazionale Adriatica, "near the fireworks shop"
Manray al MOCA 2004 Manray al MOCA 2004